1. Biostone Labels


One of our eco-accommodating alternatives that is really made of stone no trees are utilized. This label material ought not be overlaid.

  1. Thrown Gloss Labels


Thrown Gloss labels are uniquely designed for the wine business. It is paper-based with a polished white wrap up. Same glue and liner as Estate #9.


  1. Chrome (Silver) BOPP Labels


Chrome BOPP label material has similar water and oil-safe properties as our White BOPP and Clear BOPP, yet has the “reflect like” look of sparkly chrome. Sticker Printing Singapore


  1. Great Crest Labels


Most appropriate for wine print stickers Singapore, Classic Crest Labels are made with white paper stock with a dull matte wrap up. Great Crest Labels are not appropriate for cover and is along these lines not water-safe. Same glue and liner as Estate #9.

  1. Clear BOPP Labels


Clear BOPP labels are an unmistakable adaptation of the Polypropylene (BOPP) material. It has a similar water-safe qualities as the White BOPP. Clear BOPP Labels give to a greater degree a “no label” look and is additionally appropriate for window stickers (where invert printing of the picture permits the label to be connected to within a glass window and be seen all things considered).

  1. Paper Labels


This is an awesome choice for wine labels, gourmet sustenances or applications where a finished complete is fancied. Being a paper stock, Estate #9 paper labels are not as water-safe or solid as BOPP, but rather its light cream shading and finished feel include a touch of the “uncommon” to the right item. It includes uncommon glue (removable in 100+ degree heated water) and a more grounded liner especially suited to machine application. Not appropriate for overlay.


  1. Gold Polyester (Metalized) Labels


Gold Polyester label materials will make your labels sparkle! Appropriate for most labeling applications, it has a solid glue backing and should be overlaid. Pick polished overlay to make your label designs pop, or matte for a remarkable, rich look.

  1. Kraft (Recycled) Labels


Kraft Labels are reused 100% with post-customer squander material. It is a 55# paper material that is a magnificent choice if a “natural” appearance is craved. The more grounded liner is appropriate for machine application. Contingent on face, substrate, water temperature and stay time, label might be evacuated in boiling point water. It is not reasonable for overlay; along these lines, it is not water or oil safe.


  1. Removable White BOPP Labels


Removable white BOPP label material is the same as our standard BOPP, however has a unique, “less forceful” glue designed to permit the label to be evacuated or re-situated after application. Contingent upon the surface it will be connected to, client testing is firmly suggested. We can give label tests to this reason.


  1. Glossy silk Cloth Labels


Our woven glossy silk acetic acid derivation material labels are perfect for wine or soul labels! Our glossy silk fabric label material will make your item bundling POP. The more grounded liner is appropriate for machine application. Contingent on face, substrate, water temperature and stay time, label might be evacuated in high temp water.

  1. Squeezable Label Material


A white, 3mil film that is more qualified for squeezable applications. Squeezable label materials have demonstrated to function admirably in an assortment of uses, so you can be sure it will perform well for you.


  1. Vellum (Recycled) Labels


An incredible “green” decision, Vellum label 60# is 100% reused with 100% post-buyer squander material. Vellum reused labels can’t be overlaid. Is neither water nor oil-safe. The more grounded liner is appropriate for machine application. Contingent on face, substrate, water temperature and stay time, label might be expelled in boiling hot water.


  1. White BOPP Labels


White BOPP labels are our most regularly utilized material and is reasonable for generally applications. White BOPP labels are made with polypropylene material and have changeless glue. It is impenetrable to water and oils, and is especially appropriate for shower and body items, and in addition nourishment and refreshment items.


White Earthfirst PLA An all the more earth inviting contrasting option to White BOPP. The PLA remains for Polylactic Acid (a biopolymer produced using corn as opposed to petrochemicals). Comparable look and feel to BOPP and appropriate for most applications, however ought not to be utilized specifically on light compartments.

  1. White Flexible Vinyl Labels


White Flexible Vinyl labels are our most significant material. The vinyl is thicker than BOPP, and is most appropriate for open air applications where more prominent quality and strength are required, or where protracted introduction to the components is an issue.

  1. UV Outdoor Gloss

As the name infers this is best utilized for labels that will be utilized outside. It has a polished complete with phenomenal UV resistance. It is best combined with our vinyl material for the sturdiest outside label.