Month: April 2020

What are the basic fundamentals of singapore namecard printing that you must know!

The first impression is a crucial thing as it tells about the designation, perspective, and specialty. In business, first impressions or outlook must be appealing, and it must reveal the brand’s story. Businesses should spend a good amount on getting the cards printed for their business. Right name card printing services can help you to make a long-lasting impression on your clients and audience. Choosing singapore namecard printing provides a plethora of designs and phases that makes your business cards tempting.   

Business cards are vital for marketing collaboration and are a picture of what your business deals in. It is essential to choose business cards with great care by keeping in mind their discrete features. Let us get knowledge on fundamentals of business cards:- 

Weight of the card 

There are plenty of designs available for business cards. Weight here refers to the thickness of the business card, and thickness is articulated in points. The paper or name card will be thicker if the point number is high. Lightweight cards must only be used in showcases as they don’t provide a tempting look. The thicker card will cost more than lightweight cards but look better and give a lasting impression. 

The appearance of the card 

The look and feel of the business card depend on the thickness you have chosen. There are many different types of looks, but the common ones are glossy, dull, and matte. Mainly there are two types of finishes of name cards which are: 

  • Coated 

Coated ones are those that are ink absorbers and are shiny. Coated papers have a surface sealant and are available in options like matte and glossy. You can also get many other types of coated appearance from Singapore namecard printing

  • Uncoated 

A printed paper is a good example of uncoated paper. These are non-reflective and offer great texture than coated papers. Basically, these are natural and classic but don’t last long because these don’t have a protective glaze on it.  

Specialty finish  

Apart from the weight and look of the card, it is crucial to have business name cards that are written on specialty papers and finish. Specialty finished depends on the design or thickness of the card that you have chosen. There are some types of sphere papers and finishes like: 

  • Plastic finish 

Business cards that are made from PVC plastic are flexible and robust. Most businesses consider plastic business cards as these are indestructible and have a semi-gloss appearance, which is quite tempting.  

  • Soft-touch finish 

Business cards with soft-touch finish provide affectionate feel as they add a smooth and silky lamination. Also, it offers high protection and gives a luxurious feel to the cards.   

To put it in a nutshell, Singapore name card printing offers a huge variety of finished and papers for business cards, and businesses can get their cards in an affordable range. If you wish to showcase a deluxe look, then opt for thicker paper, and if you want to showcase on the desk, then choose soft-touch name printing cards.   

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